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Best tablet for geology grad students?


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Hi there, everyone. Thanks in advance for your tips and advice!


I'm just finishing up my undergrad and rolling straight into a PhD program. As such, I need to step up my game quickly and get organized. Keeping my PDFs and notes together for my undergrad research has been a headache so I'm thinking of getting a tablet with great note-taking and PDF editing capabilities which can easily sync to Dropbox or other programs where I can back up my documents. I'd also like to use the tablet for e-mail, calendar, web browsing, etc. It doesn't need to run any modeling software since I'll have a desktop for that. So, with that, which tablet are you using? What would you recommend I use?


As far as cost, I'm willing to pay up to $700 plus guarantee from Best Buy. I think it's worth having something reliable and efficient so I don't have to worry about an unforeseen cost down the road because a cheaper device crapped out on me in my 2nd or 3rd year.



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I can do all of that on my iPad. GoodReader is a $5 app that's great for reading .pdfs, esp. for seminar classes, and you can highlight, use a draw function, and sync to DropBox easily. I haven't used my device for notetaking but no doubt there are apps and styluses (styli?) you can get for those.

BTW, I initially I read your subject heading thought you wanted something for the field and mapping. B)

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iPad 4 indeed is a great choice, especially if you already own an iPhone. http://us.digitalversus.com/tablet/apple-ipad-with-retina-display-4th-gen-2012-p14725/test.html#full-review

I guess Galaxy Note 10.1 would be the other option because of the stylus. http://us.digitalversus.com/tablet/samsung-galaxy-note-10-1-p14965/test.html#full-review

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