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UMich vs Columbia MS IEOR


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I'm trying to make a choice between the two programs. And I've got following facts:

1. Columbia is really strong at and mostly concentrated on finance related areas, while UMich is more comprehensive and ranks 2nd in IEOR fields.

2. Columbia's program is more costly than that of Umich (13,000$ more according to the estimation of their official site), and the length of the program is shorter than Umich -- two semesters, that is about 9 months, right? Umich does not specify the length of the program, but it seems it might last 1 year.

3. There will be surely more opportunities in New York city.

4. I've heard that both the two program admitted many students each year, I think it suggests that the quality of the two programs will not be quite good?

I'm not strongly inclined to finance related areas, and based on current economic situation, it seems that I should consider apply for PhD after getting a MS degree.

So according to the facts, which program might be better for me?

Hope to get some advice. Thanks!

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Columbia is the right place to learn finance, and Umich's 2nd is on the area related to mechanical engineering, which is more called manufacturing engineering. Now Detroit is dead. you know industrial engineering has to be based on some specific engineering area. Columbia is private school which means elite education, Umich is a huge state university.

So, ivy >> state, new york >> detroit, I do not see any reason to choose UMich. I am on the waiting list of Columbia, if you do choose Umich finally I have to thank you for leaving that space for us.

by the way, are you from ZJU? If you do my email is rocksun at hotmail dot com

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I will offer you a different opinion.

What do you want to do career-wise? If your aim is a PhD, why go to a more expensive master's program that (assuming you take out loans) will cost you down the road?

If you're not interested in finance, would the Columbia engineering curriculum fit your needs? What sectors interest you?

As for Michigan's location, you would probably be too busy studying to venture outside Ann Arbor to see metro Detroit (the negative comments are very exaggerated), northern Michigan, Chicago, Cleveland, Toronto and other surrounding areas.

Ann Arbor is a cool, progressive place with plenty of things to do for college students. Remember, you would find Michigan alumni ANYWHERE.

Good luck with your decision.

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