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NSERC PGS M Waitlist 2013?


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Hi everyone! I just finished my BSc at Dalhousie and I was waitlisted for NSERC PGS M funding. Does anyone know if anyone ever gets off the waitlist?! I am going to assume being waitlisted is a polite rejection, but I can have hope there's still a chance? Is there someone I could call to see where I stand on the waitlist? Anyone have any experiences with NSERC PGS M waitlists? Could I update my application somehow to move myself up the waitlist? I've gotten numerous awards and have considerably strengthened my research experience since the application deadline back in October.


Thanks for your help.


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Hello there,


Sometimes it's a rejection, but sometimes it isn't.
If you don't hear anything by the end of June, I wouldn't expect anything.


I once got a scholarship that was supposed to start in May, but was only awarded in July (although not NSERC). So you'll just have to wait and see.


Good luck!

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