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Accelerated Masters Degree programs?

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hello all. I have been researching many schools and it seems to be a never ending process! I will be an out of field applicant ( BA in Linguistics) and most schools offer a 7 semester program for those entering without the prerequisits. I have heard about the University of The Pacific ( a 6 semester program), but was wondering if any one knows of any other ones, or any on the east coast. Also if anyone has any feed back or knowldege about them in general ( ie. is it too much too fast, or was it helpful , ect) Thanks!!

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I'm not very well-versed in this since I'm an in-field applicant, but I think the shortest you're gonna get is 6 semesters. The shortest for in-field is 5 I believe, so you can't really get much less than that. Perhaps if you take pre-reqs in summer then it can be 5 semesters for you?

I do think (if you're willing to go abroad) that some Canadian schools might be less. A few I looked into didn't even require pre-reqs! I think those programs are two years as well. The schools I looked at were McGill and Univ. of Toronto. Canada doesn't have SLP undergrad programs, so all their students study something related then apply to grad school, so maybe all of their schools don't require pre-reqs.

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