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International MA?

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Hello all, 


I am brand new to, but I already need advice...


I am currently attending Youngstown State University and earning my MA in English.  I am doing fairly well with a 3.85 and buried chest deep in my thesis.  I plan on graduating Spring '14 and applying for doctoral programs in film/media studies.  


How much would I benefit from applying for a second MA in Film from an international university? (if at all...)

More specifically, The University of Kent's Kent/Paris programs in film. 1 term in Kent and 1 in Paris. 


Few notes about my situation.

-I also earned my BA from Youngstown State with a 3.28 GPA (I had some awful early semesters), and I worry about my opportunities having stayed at the same institution. 

-My thesis is film related (Spanish film to be exact).

-I hope to find PhD film programs housed or crossed with English departments.

-I never took advantage of YSU's Study Abroad Program. 


Thanks you for helping!

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As far as having your BA and MA at the same school, that's no problem for getting into PhD programs, likely. The worry about attending the same school comes when one goes BA-PhD in the same program and then tests the job market, where there is a legitimate fear about your work never having been evaluated by anyone from outside of one department.


My question is, why do you want to get another MA? To improve your PhD application? It's very hard to secure funding for MAs, particularly if you're going abroad. It doesn't make much sense to me for you to get another MA, and pay for another MA, just to improve your stock for PhD applications. Or would this be instead of getting your PhD?

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Thanks for the reply CBZ! I'm considering the MA at Kent/Paris for its abroad experience and the film experience to both better my PhD application (to get into a better school perhaps) and to improve chances once I hit the market. Coming from an open enrollment university I'm uneasy about both.

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