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Good GPA to aim for for an MSEE?


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I just completed my 3rd year undergrad in EE and my gpa is 2.87/4.00. I've recently thought about wanting to get a masters in EE and know that my GPA is pretty low for it. I have a year left and now know that I need to be much more focused in classes to get where I want to be.


I'm spending the next two months studying for the GRE and taking that in september as well. I've been working with a professor doing research for the past year and have that to show, as well as letter of recs so those shouldn't be a problem. 

I want to aim for a program in California such as the UC's or Cal Polys, but I can be open to other places as well.


What are my chances at getting accepted if I apply this upcoming year? I know it's pretty low, please be blunt.


I'm going to try my best to get a 4.0 in my last year, but what is an average GPA that MS engineering students get accepted with at UC programs?

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