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Are Dual Degrees Worth It?


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I was wondering what people's thoughts are about joint degrees specifically MBA or JD programs with a Masters in Public Policy/Public Administration?

Has anyone done this or plan to do so? If so, why and how will it help your career goals? What type of jobs can someone get with a MPA/MBA or MPA/JD?

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I'm planning to do a dual degree this fall (Michigan). I think it should only be pursued if both degrees would allow you to specialize in your interests. If you find yourself wanting to take many classes in more than one school, that could be an option for a second degree. Keep in mind that it's not cheap (it's an additional year) and you must ask yourself why you must need both degrees. For some students, one degree is enough.

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As a fellow CIPAite, I would say that a primary reason I chose Cornell is that I will be able to take a broad range of courses across departments, which to me mostly eliminates the need for a dual degree. I doubt that dual degrees are often financially worthwhile, it mostly depends on whether you have a strong enough academic interest to pursue a concurrent degree. Take a look at job postings, and try and locate one that requires two masters degrees. Several people I have known who have pursued a second masters degree did so in part because they were unsure of what career path they wanted to take, which dilemma I would suggest is best resolved before attending an institute of higher learning.

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