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Timing for application


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I'm applying for a Masters program in education; the deadline for my application is mid-November and the deadline for required test results is the beginning of December. I have to apply online. I have a co-worker here (I live abroad) who will write one of my letters; she is, how shall I say, forgetful. So I want to make sure I'm still here to see that her letter is submitted. But I might be leaving here at the end of August.


Once I submit the online application, apparently they immediately (?) send e-mails asking for the reference letters. I think the reference letters must be done online.


I'm wondering if I could submit my application August 1st, then she would get her request for LOR and I could make sure that she sends it in to them. Then I can go somewhere else until the program begins, should I be accepted.


I will not be ready to turn in my test results until around the beginning of November. I would like to study more and get a better grade. What I'm asking is, will it look weird or be detrimental in any way if I do this:



Application  mid-November

Test Results  early December


When I'd like to turn them in:

Application  early August

Test Results  early November

Is the beginning of August too early to turn in the application? If necessary I might be able to wait until the beginning of September but, I might leave the country after that and I can't guarantee my co-worker will even remember to write this letter for me. Unfortunately I really do need her LOR.


Please let me know what you think about it.


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You can pretty much submit your online application on any date, from the commencement of the online application till the deadline to turn it in. So if the application is open online, I don't really think it matters when you turn it in, as long as you can do it within the deadline. So if the application is open before August 1st, you can go ahead and complete it early. 

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Starting an application is the not the same thing as submitting an application. You can start the application early so your co-worker (btw you haven't given many details, but I'd be very hesitant to get a recommendation letter from a "co-worker" were I you) can be requested to submit the recommendation letter, and you can make sure that is done. You can then take as much time as you like until the mid-November deadline to actually submit it. You don't need to rush yourself into a poor application because of your letter writer.

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mmmm I've started my applications this time last year. By that I mean I began to contact POIs in June/July while doing a prep course for GRE. I had some pre-application interviews around late July/August. I sat for GRE in Sept and then again in late Nov. In August I met with all my reccommenders to work on my LORs (here people are not used to writing LORs). In Sept/Oct I wrote my SOP and writing sample. And sat for TOEFL in early Dec (Beware: ETS rescheduled my original date with three days notice, I had to let all schools know about this). I submitted all applications by deadline (mid Dec/early Jan). All this in the midst of work and conference preparations. I do not know how I pulled it off. :)

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