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Tablet in Engineering Grad School


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I recently purchased a Nexus 10 but I'm not sure if it is really a productivity tool or just a toy.  Do any engineering students use their tablets (ipad or android) on a regular basis?  How do you use them?


I wasn't able to find a good calculator app for the tablet, so that is a major strike.  I have a smartphone which seems to have 75% of the functionality of the tablet.


I am starting a PhD program in ME and was hoping to use the tablet for reading papers on the bus, but if that is the only thing I can use it for, I will be printing the papers!




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I was given an iPad as a college graduate gift but I felt the same way you did: it's a really nice toy, but I couldn't use it regularly for "real" work.


However, I gave it to my sister who's started college, and she has been taking notes on it and studying from it, so I guess it depends on the person.


What sort of functionality do you need from a tablet? Paper-reading is one, but I'd reckon that any real computation (such as with Matlab, LabView) would require a  laptop for computing power. I could see maybe using a tablet to run the instrumentation, but the iPad doesn't even have a USB port.

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