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MD vs PhD in Epidemiology


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I am having a difficult time figuring out which path is best for me. I have a B.S. in Immunology & Infectious Disease and I am going into an MPH program in Epidemiology of Infectious Disease. Obviously, I want to go into epidemiology with a focus on infectious disease. My dream job is to work at the CDC or another government organization as an applied epidemiologist. I also am very interested in doing the EIS program at the CDC. Looking at the requirements for the program, I see that I need a doctoral level degree, most likely a PhD or an MD. I have just assumed for a while now that I would go and get a PhD in Epidemiology and that would suffice. But, when I look through a lot of higher ranking positions at the CDC, most of them are filled with MDs. I am wondering which degree is more suitable for a career in field epidemiology, and what the difference in responsibilities is between the two degrees? Are physicians allowed to do more hands-on work with the disease while PhD grads are more for data collection? Or are the responsibilities for each very similar? 

Thank you very much for your help,


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