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Retaking the GRE for F14 - study techniques and tools


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Retaking the GRE (159V,157Q,4.5AW) early November, aiming for 90th percentiles. Here's what I use:


  • Quizlet - the 500 Kaplan new GRE words. I split the list into 16 chunks of about 30-35 words for easier study. Completing one set each week, so I should be done in 3 months. http://quizlet.com/24390312/kaplan-gre-set-a-1-flash-cards/
  • Magoosh - just bought the $99 dollar plan, will start in a few weeks.
  • ETS - Official guide to the revised GRE test. I used this last year and found it very boring.
  • Cat prep - GRE simulator. I used this the first time and found it very helpful. The estimated scores were a few points below what I actually scored.
  • Allen GRE Prep - an iphone/ ipod app with all 1,473 GRE questions. Free to download, $0.99 to buy the questions. Ridiculously cheap, but the question seem legit... anyone has any experience with this?

I'm curious to learn what others are doing to get their score as good as possible! Any people out there that made great improvements on their score after retaking it and willing to share tactics? 


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I took the test once but improved a bit from my cold diagnostic (158V/168Q), and I would highly recommend the Manhattan Strategy guides. They're expensive but worth it, especially if you're looking to improve your quant score. The official GRE guide is also very useful. Good luck!

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