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US loan for Graduate Studies


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I read a couple of threads in this forum that mention FAFSA, Sallie Mae, etc. I am an international student (from India) heading to USA this fall. I want to take a private loan in USA. (Indians are not allowed to apply for FAFSA I believe). I almost applied to Sallie Mae, but read bad reviews about it in Yelp.com. So just wanted to check if anybody here can give me reviews I can count on about Sallie Mae!!


Are there any other banks that I can trust with this? I have a co-signer with good credit history and don't have an SSN yet.. I have written to Discover as well. How is CharterOne??


I'm having difficulty in understanding these loans and trusting banks - because in India, we have a set of banks we trust, and i don't really know which ones are good in USA. would be great if you could help 



Thanks !!!

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My advice would be to talk to a financial aid counselor at your school. They would be best able to advise you based on your situation as an international student. Good luck!

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