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Immigration, family and bio-science career.

Sana Rahman

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Hi all,


I'm going to be moving to Madison, WI., USA early 2014 from Pakistan. I'd like to know how tough it is for immigrants (esp from Asian countries) to find bio-science related work in the US. Is a US degree indispensable?


I did my undergraduate in Biotechnology in 2009 from my home country. Since then I finished my 2 months internship in a protein chemistry lab. Last year i started grad school and also worked as a TA for 2 years. Due to immigration i wont be getting any recommendations from my graduate school but my undergrad professor might. so i'm probably not going to be able to show any record of my grad work. I dont have  a very strong research background but definetly apt for technician level jobs.


My long term goal is teaching at a community college rather than research, or at the least research in my own lab. so i am not considering a PhD rather feel like graduating with a Masters in cell and molecular biology. However im also open to finding entry level lab positions to start with. 


I'm also thinking about the timing of my grad school since my husband and I are planning for me to take a break so i can be SAHM. We plan to start our family in about a year or two. and since immigration is already putting my career in my home country on hold i wondered i could get started on that. Also i assume this hiatus to be at at least 5-7 years long. I was wondering, in this case would it even be profitable to go to a grad school right away or should i resume schooling post my SAHM gap. I understand that preparing for grad school will requires substantial research experience. How after a gap can i get back on track?



Every advice,suggestions and options are encouraged!





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