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SOP Question - change of field ten years after graduation

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Hi, a few questions regarding SOP and a change of field ten years after graduation. 

I'm applying to Fall 2014 M.A. programs ten years after receiving a B.A. in Sociology from a Christian honors college. I have also almost completed a community college post-B.A. paralegal program. I recently lost my day job in an unrelated industry and used the opportunity to take non-degree day classes in sociology (graduate) and American Studies (undergraduate) at state universities to nail down the topics which I would like to focus on in graduate school, and I'm leaning towards American Studies/popular culture/music studies. My current profs are very supportive and are encouraging me to publish (!) what I have been working on in their courses. 
1) What is the best way to mention the unfinished paralegal program in my statements of purpose? I won't complete it by the time applications are due and don't want to wait another year to apply when I am no longer interested in a legal career. My legal profs were blunt about the realities of being a paralegal and recommended that I go to law school or graduate school. 
2) Will I look foolish trying to change topics of study? American studies/popular culture studies wasn't offered in undergrad and are completely unrelated to the topic of my quant thesis, so my knowledge is based on years of independent reading and experience (my other job is songwriter/musician) and the courses I am taking now. It is possible to get a 2nd B.A in American Studies if I must, but I don't want to rack up debt and put off grad school since I'm still jobless.
3) GPA Woes! My undergrad GPA dropped to 2.88 due to illness over one semester, but I have a 3.75 in my major (Sociology), studied abroad at Oxford, and have a 4.0 GPA in all courses since then. Although my undergrad GPA is a serious concern, I can't go back and change the past. My unrelated former job is not something I wish to dwell upon or even mention, and they do not write letters of recommendation anyway. 
I'd appreciate any advice anyone on the forum can give me, and thanks for putting up with the parentheses.  
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