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PhD in Finance 2014

Danny Dam

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 Hello everyone,


I am a third-year international student from Vietnam, studying Finance at a small liberal arts college in Pennsylvania. I plan to  attend a PhD program in Finance right after college. My list of schools is as follows:


 1. Harvard University

 2. Cornell University

 3. New York University

 4. Syracuse University

 5. University of Rochester

 6. University of Chicago

 7. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


I have research and leadership experience. I published a survey in small businesses in PA with my professor last year. However, I only took prob & stats in college and have no room to take any other math class. I am studying high-level math on my own. I am taking GRE this August. On the trial GRE exam, I got 155 Verbal and 164 Quant. 


Do you think I have a shot at those schools? What schools should I drop or add to my list? What could I do to increase the chance of getting accepted?

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