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UAB VS U of Miami, Bio....


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hi, I got a big problem on whether I am gonna choose UAB or U of Miami to further my graduate studies.

University of Alabama at Birmingham, college of Medicine, Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics Ph.D. program, stipend 25,000/year+tuition waive+insurance, comprehensive college ranking 150+, research ranking in Biological Science: 58th(2009), Medical college ranking: 28th(2009);

University of Miami, Miller School of Medicien, Program in Biomedical Science, stipend 25.500/year+tuition waive+ 80% insurance coverage, comprehensive college ranking 51, research ranking in Biological Science: 105th(2009), Medical college ranking: 52th(2009);

You know, it is obvious that research reputation and strength in UAB should be better thatn U of Miami's but also very evident that the location and personal living conditions in Miami are much better than Birmingham in Alabama. I am pursuing Ph.D. education and would like to be dedicated to basic research science field, being a faculty. I don't know how to make a decision between them.....

If some one who is familiar with bio career could give me some useful suggestions , I will definitely appreciate your great help!

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