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Need SoP and CV Eval!! Pleaseee :)

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Is there someone out there that could evaluate my SoP and my CV? I am applying to top tier English Ph.D. programs this fall. Or if you know anyone already in a top tier grad school or has served on an adcomm it'd be great if they could take a look at it.


Thanks in advance!

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I applied and was accepted to PhD programs this spring, but I wouldn't presume to be enough of an expert to evaluate someone else's SOP (particularly when I don't know that person). However, you might check with your program's director of grad studies (or someone similar). Sometimes they have examples of successful and unsuccessful statements of purpose/personal statements, or handouts with tips for formatting statements, etc. My grad director did and the examples were massively helpful. 


My graduate director was very helpful in the admissions process. She read and gave feedback on draft statements for me and my classmates. Do you have a faculty member who might be similarly helpful? Having a grad cafe commenter read your stuff would be OK, but probably not as helpful as feedback from a faculty member who knows your work.


Best of luck to you!

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