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Can international students still get funding in US pursuing only a masters


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Hi everyone, i'm a Canadian undergrad student looking to do a Masters in IO Psychology. There's not a lot of 'good quality' IO programs that offer terminal masters in Canada and so I've been told I should look at the U.S.


My question is: Besides somehow getting the highly competitive, and very few, international scholarships, Do U.S. schools offer decent funding to students that only want to do a Masters and not a PhD? 


Or, as a Canadian, will I have to commit to a 5 year PhD to get enough funding in the States?


Thanks very much in advance for any help I can get :)

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I'm a Canadian student who just graduated from Dalhousie University and I am attending a fully funded MSc program in Virginia! I was also offered another very well-funded MSc program at a school in Delaware but chose the school in Virginia instead. So, yes!! It may depend on the school/program but it is definitely possible to go to the US for a master's and have the school give you a very good funding package :)

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