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Which schools in California should I apply to?


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Hi guys, based on my stats below, which universities in California do I have a higher chance of getting admitted?



Thanks in advance!



BS Biochemisry (ACS approved)

  • Overall GPA: 3.10 _____ Last 60 units: 3.34 upward trend for GPA.
  • ~ 2 years undergraduate research.


MS Chemistry (Organic) From a California State University.

  • Overall GPA: 3.90
  • LoR from thesis advisor, Analytical chem and Biology professor
  • Taught Chem Labs for a year (General and Organic)
  • Passed ACS exams: Physical, Biochem, Analytical and Organic. I didn’t take Inorganic.
  • GRE: Will be taking it in July
  • GRE Subject: I’m planning to take that too
  • Publication: My mentor promised I would have one in two or three months. (1st author)


Field: Organic Synthesis

Fall 2014

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As a brief & general rule, you should apply to the schools in California that you actually want to attend. 

Admissions Committees put far less weight onto your "stats" (GRE scores, GPA, type of exams you've passed) than they do on your (i) research experience (ii) perceived fit with the program & faculty.

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