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Sociology of Education


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Can anyone offer any insight into which PhD programs are known for being strong in topics related to education?

Programs I've identified so far:

  • U Chicago
  • Penn State
  • Notre Dame



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NYU, University of Pennsylvania, Columbia: I would offer these and Madison up before the three you mentioned (except maybe ND).  NYU and Columbia have the added bonus of having really strong Ed schools with Soc of Ed Phd programs that you can take classes in and pull faculty from for a committee.  Additionally Penn has Annette Lareau if you are interested in Soc of Ed and haven't read Unequal Childhoods you definitely should.  

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Stanford sociology program looks to have a very close relationship with its School of Ed-which is 1 reason why it's at the top of my list. One way I initially identified programs of interest is by looking at those that offer an IES-PIRT (Institute for Education Sciences-funded Predoctoral Interdisciplinary Research Training) program. Check it out: http://pirt.wceruw.org/

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A lot of schools have 2 or 3 soc of ed people. Ohio State has Claudia Buchmann and Doug Downey, Texas has Rob Crosnoe and Chandra Muller (not to mention a very close relationship with some faculty in the education school. Indiana has Brian Powell and Jessica Calarco. All are top people in soc of ed (as well as people mentioned above). I didn't visit there but I think NYU just hired some top education people. Irvine has some good people as well as a very strong, sociologically focused education school. UCLA also has some very good people. All are worth checking out

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