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MS in CS with non CS background!!!


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Hello everyone!!
I am pursuing mechanical engineering in NIT warangal,AP(Among the top 10 colleges in India). I am very interested in computer science and have done many online courses in coursera,udacity etc.I have also secured a position as an intern for 1 yr in a software company.I am planning to apply for FALL 2015 and my idea is to apply for 50-100 ranked colleges for MS in CSE.I went through some of the universities's CS website and found that I have to satisfy the prereqs by taking an extra semester(by doing courses like OS,DSA etc).Is this approach recommended????
The main reason for taking this step is although i go for masters in mech i have heard from my seniors and read in some other blogs that job prospects for mechanical engineers  are not good in USA and is very difficult to find a sponsor for these jobs.
As i am interested in CSE,and given the academic flexibility of the US education system i felt that i can shift majors confidently and also as job scope for CSE is very good i can manage with a good job(PS:Job scope is not my only priority,I could have gone for MS in finance or MS in IE but i am genuinely interested in CSE to some extent)

My profile as of now is
Few Projects in mech(I can elaborate them but since this post is related to shift of majors from mech, I am not)

I just felt that someone in a huge forum like this mi8 hav already shifted majors or have some idea related to this.
Awaiting valuable inputs from seniors and experienced people.
Thank you guys.


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