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difficulties to find the research gap!


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Hi guys, could anyone help me with that? How can I conclude to the right topic and how can I find the research gap? I need your suggestion on that. I am interested to do a PhD in Finance and more specific I would like to work in credit risk modelling. thank you

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.....thats why a phD program takes 3 to 5+ years....


ok, for a not-so-flippant answer....what triggered your interests? whats your background? why do u want a phd? when you say you want to work in credit risk modeling - is this in the industry or within academia? a lot of these factors will determine whats the "right topic" for you. To find the right topic and a "research gap" you will need to read. a lot. really really lots. and this is an ongoing process that will go on for as long as you remain in academia.


I presume at this stage you want to identify something to put into your SOP? If that is the case, start with your interests, identify the programs and professors you would like to work with and read some of their work. That should give you a good starting point.

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