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Moving advice???


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Anyone have any tips on the best way to move? Just a couple of details on my specific situation:


- I am moving from Vancouver, BC to Calgary on the weekend before school starts (sept 7th/8th)

- We cannot rid all of our belongings, especially the keyboards, books, and scores, but can replace nearly all of our large furniture and replace with IKEA, etc

- We cannot drive; I am having a baby the week prior to moving and we will be flying on a plane to get to Calgary

- I would love to not have movers do everything as it is really expensive

- We are exploring options for shipping some of our stuff, or truck-sharing, etc


Does anyone have any ideas? It seems really complicated. Last time I moved we just drove a truck for 8 hours from Oregon to BC...


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Using the postal systems / couriers to transport large boxes (they would usually do upto around 60 pound boxes I think) usually works out cheaper to using moving companies.


There is also an existing thread somewhere on the forum with plenty of suggestions, may be useful........

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Get a few estimates from movers, just to see how much it costs. I'm packing myself, but having movers load/drive/unload. I also considered having a POD and hiring labor at each end, but found it wasn't much less expensive than full service movers. One thing to consider with a truck share is the time it will take to get your things - the one truck share estimate I got said 7-21 days for delivery. Also, get estimates with and without furniture - it could end up being less expensive to move the furniture than it would be to replace it.

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