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GRE - My reading comprehension sucks!


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Hey guys,

Words are actually my "thing" - I even majored in journalism - but I just took a section of the practice test yesterday (using the ETS book) and missed almost every question that required answers to a reading passage. My strategy was to do the word fill-in sections first since that's pretty easy for me, then go back and read the passages and do the questions. I feel like there's not enough time on the clock to read all of them thoroughly.


Test is on Saturday (oh, and math is reallllly bad, but I've at least been trying to study after work every day) - what are your strategies?

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Hello there!


I went to private lessons (I am an international applicant) and I will try to paraphrase what my (American) tutor taught me: 


* Start with the AWA section because if you can write, you can read. I did not believe this at first but trust me, it worked. I began to do my reading sections in no time, with 10 minutes to spare! (Tangentially, it was a great prep for TOEFL, where I scored full marks ;) ).


* Think why any of the possible answers can be logically correct or incorrect. In my case, it was a great strategy to use "A" "B" labels for phrases in answers, especially in the questions where you have to figure out if there is argument presented, an example, and a conclusion sort of thing. That way you can first identify the parts of the paragraph as A - antiA - example of A - conclusion and see which answer fits best.


* Do not take something for granted. If the text is a review, not assume that the author likes the book. This is a common mistake (my common mistake hehehe).


* Likewise, do not bring information of your own. You probably feel you can feel in the gaps and read between the lines, but sometimes adding information is exactly what the questions are trying to prevent you from doing. In other words, you should be "scholarly" enough to realise what the text says and what is your interpretation of the text.


I can't think of anything else right now, I am sorry! I hope it is a little helpful though.... trust me, the writing does the trick!!! ;) 

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