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MS in Computer Science at Uchicago


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Hey all,


Does anyone have any experience with the MS program at Uchicago?  It's a program that accepts non CS majors, and can be completed in as little as 9 months.  I'm a little skeptical that it might just be a scam, and that employers won't respect hte degree.  The program is called Computer Science Professional Program.


Can a non-tech guy like me get a job as a developer after completing that degree?  


The tuition is quite expensive, about 5000 per course.  11 courses will be about 55000.


Edit: Also does anyone know how selective they are? 

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Honestly it looks to me like this program is not in the same class as most other MSCS programs. It looks more like a professional degree that could be done part-time or even remotely. Still pretty expensive though. They're just doing admissions now for their fall 2013 enrollment (I know because they emailed me today about it).

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