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A rising senior-- which institution is best for neuroendocrinology biochemistry?


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Hello, I'm a minority female student who has just recently turned my future directions to follow a PhD program in neuroendocrinology/ molecular mechanisms. I am a rising senior and all this time I was planning on doing med school but my international status is making it really difficult. So, I decided to chase my other passion- research. . I have some ideas of where to look since talking to my PI but it's difficult to gauge where I lie in the GPA/experience spectrum amongst all other doctoral applicants.


So here are my stats:


Undergrad institution:

College of William and Mary in VA(ranks as one of the top 10 public ivy schools) 


major: Biology/almost done with my Chemistry minor


GPA: 3.45 (I will try really hard next fall to raise it up to 3.5) this is pretty low and makes me question my application competancy :(


Research exp:

1 yr in virology

1 yr in molecular developmental lab

will finish up with 2 years in reproductive neuroendocrinology lab at the end of my 4th year which I found out is my love and passion

TA for chemistry my senior year



dean's list 3 times (past 3 years but I am planning on making two more next year)

summer research scholarship

will have finished an honors thesis on reproductive neuroendoc at the end of my senior year


rec letters:

I know my PI will have a phenomenal letter for me because i have developed a new technique for the lab to use/ put in lots of time for the lab



I haven't taken it yet... :(




So far with the stats, where can I apply with good chances? I would hate to overshoot for schools and not get into any programs :(

Thank you for your time!!

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Don't gauge schools by you can get in / won't get in, there are a million other better factors to consider.



How good is the faculty, are there excellent supervisors, are those supervisors currently accepting new students, how affordable is the school, is there potential funding, how far am I willing to travel, is my spouse/partner/family going to come with me or will be split up, etc etc etc.



Once you have a list of schools based on those criteria and the kind of answers you have, then you can rank them for yourself of where you most want to go / where it is most realistic you will be accepted.


Even if you refuted my advise and wanted to rank schools based strictly on your grades, youre missing the other piece that makes such a gauge near impossible - the gre.

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