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SAIS vs. SIPA vs. GSPP or Reapply? Help!


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Hi guys I am facing a dilemma and need your advice!

I am in SIPA, SAIS and GSPP with no funding (JESUS, how can they be soo expensive ;(). As an int'l student myself, I am worried about the job placement after graduation. Int'l organizations and NGOs might be the most likely employers for me. I would be happy to work in private sectors but i heard it was really difficult to obtain the working visa now.

I know GSPP has great program but I am worried about its connections in DC, and the tuition isn't any cheaper than SIPA/SAIS. As for SIPA, I constantly heard some negative comments about their program, and the cost is almost 10K more expensive than SAIS. However, their employment rate and salary seem much higher than SAIS(around 97 % for SIPA in 2008, while 93% for SAIS, according to their employment stats reports). Both SIPA and SAIS said the 2nd-year class got funding. Anyone knows how much it would be?

Also, I got rejected by KSG...sad!! But I was thinking to reapply :lol: I really like their program and some of its professors, not solely for its prestige. I am also interested in applying to WWS next year basically for the funding opportunities. With more work experience and quant courses, maybe they will eventually admit me. I'd like to give it a shot but I don't know it's worth to wait another year. How much difference would KSG/WWS make in terms of career prospect? What can you get from their program, but not from other good programs, like SAIS/SIPA? Do they have much stronger alumni connections in the job market, especially in int'l organizations and consulting companies? I heard SAIS and SIPA are the biggest feeders to World Bank and UN, however, what is it like when it comes to KSG and WWS? Do KSG/WWS students have MUCH more opportunites?

I am really confused now...which one should I choose? SIPA, SAIS or GSPP? Or, I should try my luck to reapply next year? Please share your thoughts with me! Thanks!

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You need a Ph.D to work for the World Bank and as far as the UN - if you're from the third-world you're likely in like Flynn - so considering that it's not really very important where you go.

I mean - you seem to have done a longitudinally quantitative analysis of all aspects of not only admission and funding but employment afterward so why not draw your own conclusions?

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