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HKS MPA/ID policy essay

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I am looking to apply to the HKS MPA/ID program this year. I was wondering if anyone could provide advice on the public policy / policy mgmt analysis essay? (the actual essay prompt: "Describe a public policy or public management problem related to international development and analyze a range of solutions.") I have never written a policy paper before, so would really appreciate basic advice on how to started on this-- especially from those who have gained admission to the MPA/ID program.



1) Is there a certain recommended structure one should follow on a policy analysis paper like this?

2) How much research is one expected to do for this essay? (i.e., Are we expected to back up our assertions with hard facts/ past research, or is this paper more about demonstrating ability to use logic?)

3) What level of originality is expected in these papers? Without doing extensive research, there is a limit to how much original insight one can bring to the table?


Thank you for your help.

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