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GRE scores for MA in English literature


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Hi, I'm going to be applying for MA programs in English literature at schools such as the University of Georgia and the University of California Santa Barbara.  I have a strong GPA, a resume with prior teaching experience, excellent references, a good writing sample and an excellent admissions letter.  Now, how should I divide my study time?  Of course I should prioritize the verbal and writing portions of the GRE.  I believe I'll be able to pull a decent, though not spectacular math score out of the test, but beyond that I think I will be hurting my other scores and minimally raising my quant score.  Any advice from successful humanities applicants to mid to top tier grad programs?  What do you think contributed to your successful applications?

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My goal was to break into the 90th percentile on both the Verbal and AW. My scores weren't astounding (163V and 5.0AW), but enough to get me a couple funding offers and into two top-tier MA programs. Still, I am a believer SoP, writing sample, and letters of req are most important.

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