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2014 Spring/Winter Semester Applicants


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Hi Folks,

Is there anyone applying for 2014 Spring/Winter semester intake?

I am a full-time university lecturer in my country. Last May 2013, I received a full sponsorship from my home government to pursue a PhD degree in the US. Since Fall 2013 application is closed, I am trying to apply for next Spring 2014. I realize that most of PhD schools only accept new students for classes beginning in Fall. But from the university websites I notice some universities that do accept new PhD students to start in Spring/Winter semester. My major is History ( concentrating on world/international history/Asian history). Binghamton University (SUNY at Binghamton), and Ohio University are accepting new PhD students for Spring 2014. I want to ask if anyone of you is also applying for Spring 2014, and to which program? What do you think about the ranking and quality of universities accepting PhDs for Spring classes? 

Since I have already had a full scholarship from my home government (covering visa cost, roundtrip airfare to the US, tuition and fees, health insurances, book allowances, and monthly living cost at $1200/mo) I am looking for admission only from the US Universities. Can you suggest to which university and in which state should I apply?

Thank you :)



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