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Microbiology and Immunology PhD Programs


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I am a rising senior at Stonehill College. I am in the process of applying to graduate schools for microbiology and immunology PhD programs, mostly in the North East for Fall 2014.

Here are my creds:

GPA: 3.85 (last four semesters 3.99)

GRE: 81% verbal, 81% quant, 93% analytical

Research: research in a microbiology lab at Stonehill since beginning of junior year (continuing through end of senior year), currently in a competitive research internship at an international pharma company

Letters: I will have three strong letters: 2 from research professors and 1 from a professor of two courses that I have taken

Other: my professors will mention in letters that I scored in the top 6% in the nation on the nationally distributed Major Biology Field Test, and the highest score at Stonehill, I will also be writing a senior honors thesis this year.

I am interested in programs with applied research with a concentration on molecular pathogenesis, and my end goal is to end up in industry.

Here are the schools I am interested in:


John Hopkins


UMass Med

UMass Amherst


Boston University

Boston College

University of Maryland Baltimore

University of Rochester

University of Maine



University of Connecticut

How do you think these schools compare with my credentials, and are there other programs I should consider?

Thanks in advance!

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