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GRE Issue Essay (grading required please)



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Technology causes more problems for modern societies than it solves


Write a response in which you discuss the extent to which you agree or disagree with the claim. In developing and supporting your position, be sure to address the most compelling reasons and/ or examples that could be used to challenge your position.



Technology in modern society has proven to be advantageous in both the short and long run. It has universally enhanced our ability to achieve unimaginable goals within our daily routine. As a result, it is a part of everyone's lifestyle and we would be naive to claim that it has had a more deleterious than positive effect in society. Of course, it can be said that modernisation in the form of technology does come with it's negative aspects, but these are outweighed by the significant ease of lifestyle achieved.


A superficial glance at the implementation of technology will show that it allows for productivity increases in any field or circumstance. Businesses, engineers etc. are able to see these in their professional lives, whereas families can experience this in personal situations. We live in a pace-filled world where the efficacy of our routine is vital. Technology slows it down for us. As the famous quote says, "There are so many things to do in so little time". Consider Henry Ford and his impact on the automotive industry in the 20th century. His use of technology allowed for a huge increase in productivity through the use of the production line. This allowed him to churn out cars quicker than any manufacturer and as a result his gains increased henceforth. Similarly, an engineering student today can finish making a motor in two days what would have taken him multiple weeks to produce by hand. Businesses can enhance productivity levels out of their employees to allow for longer hours and better profits in the long run. Technology, has an all-round effect on society.


While an increase in productivity is apparent, some claim that technology reduces human ability to think. This can be visited as a simple example of a car breaking down on the road on the way to work. The car can be seen as form of technology that humans use on a daily scale. Although there has been a breakdown for X reason, this does not inhibit the person's ability to think and find alternate modes of transport to work. Similarly, calculators are used today by students globally and to a certain extent may keep dormant their mathematical thinking power to some extent. However, this is simply a matter of habit that can be changed over time. If a piece of plastic is allowing you to handle complex calculations in a fraction of the time, it would be unwise to discard that technology.


Finally, it is through technology that our society can boast of global inter-connectivity. The world grows smaller as the connectivity we enjoy extends to all corners of the globe. Families are able to communicate with their loved ones, regardless of the content they reside in; businesses of all sorts can discuss deals and start new collaborations to allow access to various pool of resources. Social media today, through technology, enhances a job applicants ability to look at various firms (big or small) and gives the companies the opportunity to contact them if necessary. 


However, the argument is only complete by stating that are some concerns when implementing technology in daily lives. Unfortunately, humans tend to rely on it to a far greater extent than ever intended and as a result we upgrade from "wanting" to "needing" it. This is obviously harmful as technology is susceptible to failure, which can lead to chaos. Apple recently had their web server temporarily closed down due to an infiltration in their system, leaving hundreds of irascible developers contemplating their competency. This form of necessity needs to be reanalysed and perhaps alternative, more sustainable forms of technology need to be developed to reduce this blind reliance.


In essence, technology has been a boon to modern society. It has allowed for greater progress in many arenas, while giving comfort to those that require it. As a result, it can be evaluated that although it has it's side-effects, just like any medication, the effect of the drug must outweigh these, giving it the authority to stay in our lives.

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