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MS after BE EXTC


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I'm doing my BE in Electronics and Telecommunications from Mumbai University. I've just begun with my 2nd year. I'm hoping to do my MS from a renowned college in the US.


What programs can I apply for? Where? :huh:

As of now,I am interested in robotics,artificial intelligence and also the cognitive sciences and cognitive brain research. So,an MS in any form of AI,robotics,neuroscience & technology which combines my areas of interest,i.e. electronics and the aforementioned is what I'm mainly looking for. (For example,the programs offered by Duke Institute for Brain Sciences.)


I'm looking to obtain certificates in these fields via edX and Coursera,so that they can complement my degree.


I am a decent programmer and like programming,though my exposure to it has been limited. I know quite a bit of C,C++ and some HTML, and am learning Java(in college) and Javascript (via codeacademy),after which I'll be mostly learning python.


I'm trying my level best to bulk up my profile,in all aspects,academic as well as extra-curricular. I'll be trying for internships for the coming summer and maybe this winter as well.


I'm open to other MS and PhD options as well.

I'm also open to studying elsewhere,so long as I can study,learn and receive quality education.

Also,I'll be trying for scholarships.(Especially given the fall in the value of the INR v/s the USD :()


I know it's rather soon to make any concrete plans as such,but I really want to study further and give myself the best shot at doing so.

I still have around 3 years to go,and I want to make full use of them.


Also,I would like to know how to go about preparing for GRE,TOEFL,when to start applying,etc.


Help of any kind will be highly appreciated.  


Thank You!  :D

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