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Finding a Defense Policy Position on Capitol Hill?

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I have a question for those who are familiar with Capitol Hill and how things work up there. I did an internship in the HOR last semester and I've come to the conclusion that I would like to seek a an entry level job the Hill after I finish my undergrad. From there I was hoping to work my way up from an entry level staff/research assistant position into an LA/PSM job. I am planning on going to grad school sometime after I start working.


My policy interests revolve around defense and foreign policy and I was hoping to work in these areas on hill. 


Now this might be an amateur question but how would I go down this track assuming I can find a Capitol Hill job in the first place?

I ask as I have been doing some research into LA/PSM tracks in my spare time and it seems that most of the members(at least for now) that are hiring are looking for staff members that have policy interests dealing with domestic issues.


While it seems that the only members at this time that are looking for defense policy LA's are members of the party that I don't prefer to work for. 


Now my question is if anyone could answer; is how does one break into defense and foreign policy on Capitol Hill? Esp, since t's a challenging career track to pursue already?


Thank you! And I look forward to any responses I receive.



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