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Arizona State University Management Intern/Assistantships


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I wanted to know if anyone had information/been through one of these before?

Most of our students seek Management Intern (MI) positions in various Academic Departments, Student Services, Residential Life, or Intercollegiate Athletics at all of the ASU campuses. The MI is a .50 time (20 hours/week) state employee position.

Right now I see none up on their website and HR has not really explained when they tend to be up and that they are Management intern positions are classified under

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have you tried contacting those departments specifically regarding your questions? I think thats the best thing to do, maybe im not understanding what you are trying to ask.?????

Are you trying to get a hold of them or are you advertising this opportunity? confused. :?

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I am actually really confused about the management intern process too! I was told that the positions would be posted under the staff section of the employment website because they are professional positions with the state of Arizona. But, in looking at the student employment website, I found all these administrative/clerical jobs that seem like they would fit as management internships as well, so I am just kind of stuck right now. I think I will wait it out and see if any MI's are posted to the staff section over the next few months....

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