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Criteria for SciencesPo/LSE?


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Is anyone familiar with this dual degree program?  It's possibly my first choice (depending where I get accepted in the US), and since they don't require the GRE, I want to know more about their admissions criteria...



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My friend from undergrad is actually doing that program.


Personally I don't know much about it, but he stood out at my univ.

He received many awards and scholarships, and he had Magna Cum Laude when he graduated.


He also spoke Spanish and some French I believe (and was from the UK btw).


My other friend who studies at LSE (MPA) also had a decent GPA (something close to 3.8), and he had an internship experience at Kosovo and what not.


Me and them took many classes together, so I know that they were smart and motivated enough to keep learning at a grad school.


So from what I gather, you'd need 1) decent GPA, 2) some international/relevant experiences, 3) motivation (good SoP), and 4) good LoRs (I know that my friends got good ones...and so did I).


GRE being not required means other stuff counts more!


So good luck!


Taking some math/economics courses beforehand would also help!


But get a decent grade!

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