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chances/gre concerns - history/middle eastern studies phd


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so i know this is sort of advised against, but i am having trouble finding any resources to give me an idea of where i stand. i'm planning to apply this fall to history and middle eastern studies phd program in the states and canada - i have like ten schools picked out, all of whom have professors specifically working with my research area (palestinian women; social movements in the arab world). i graduated with with a 3.71 gpa from an ivy and had like a 3.9 in the middle eastern studies department, studied in morocco (and did field research) and got "distinction" on my thesis. i'm currently doing an MA in middle eastern studies at tel aviv university, and will be doing research in the west bank when i finish. i have plenty of languages and will be able to get two strong recommendations and another one from a professor who probably knows me less well. 


so my question is, a) do i have a shot? and B) do i need to retake the GRE/does quantitative matter at all for history programs? i took it for the first time this week and got 162 verbal, 142 quantitative 


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