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Help me with my decision!! (soon to be drowning in debt...)

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Hi folks,

First time poster here (but long time poster of the SDN forums - that counts, right? :) )

Basically, I've been admitted into several programs for Fall 09. It's a "great" dilemma to be in, I suppose, but I have no idea how I'm going to pick one, especially figuring the little funding I'm getting from most places:

Hopkins - MHS International Health

Yale - Chronic Disease Epidemiology

Umich - General Epidemiology

Boston University - Environmental Health Science (+$10k merit)

UNC - Environmental Health Science (+RA/TA position)

MIT - Environmental Engineering (I know this isn't public health but it's part of my dilemma)

My thoughts

All the schools (except UNC) basically cost the same amount per year. UNC is obviously the best deal financially, but the location isn't ideal (I've been in NC all my life).

Hopkins is slightly cheaper due to their 75% tuition scholarship the practicum year (to my understanding), and the #1 SPH.

MIT is a 9 month program, so drastically cheaper, but I fear that getting a Masters in Engineering would limit my job options.

On the other hand, epidemiology is appealing to me (as my second major is in mathematics) - which would lead me to Umich and Yale. I've heard Umich has a pretty strong Epid program, but it is SO expensive for a public university!

Really, ANY help is appreciated!

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I'm not sure - I know I want to do some international work eventually. My undergraduate degrees haven't really prepared me in epidemiology, I've only taken the introductory class.

If you want to do international work eventually, I personally would lean towards JHU. They have a host of projects in many countries around the world that you could potentially work on as a student there. They also have a high absorption rate of their own if you ever wanted to work directly for them after graduation.

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Does anyone know if Debt Elimination programs really work without bankruptcy? I filled out an online application for information about getting rid of debt, and I've heard that you can legally eliminate your debt?? I've know that Settlement is a good option, but not sure about Elimination. Anyone know?

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