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Master's Programs in the Midwest

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I am a rising senior studying International Relations and Literature in Washington, DC. My career goal is to teach writing (introductory composition) at a community college or a small liberal arts college. I am looking at Master's degrees in the Midwest (I am from Minnesota), and the top contenders are DePaul's Writing, Rhetoric, and Discourse program; Iowa State's Rhetoric, Composition, and Professional Communication program; and Illinois State University's Writing program. What do you all think about these programs?

tl;dr I'm looking for a rigorous Master's program in the Midwest that allows me to take pedagogy courses and gain experience teaching. Funding wouldn't hurt either. 




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I don't know anything about the programs you mention, but you might consider adding Purdue and Miami to your list. They both have MA programs in rhet/comp, and I believe they both offer opportunities for funding incoming MA students. Oh! And they are in the midwest. 






And I'm not too sure about funding for IUP, but they do have an MA program that fits the rest of your criteria!



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