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Canadian Counselling, School & Clinical programs - last 2 years vs cGPA


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Do admissions committees look at the whole record, even if they say they just look at the last two years? 


I've gone back to school for a second degree in psych. My previous studies have been factored into my GPA, so my cumulative GPA is around a 66% (using numbers because my school has a funny scale). My psych major GPA, however, is 92%. I've done 30 credits so far, and have another year to go.


Should I retake some of the non-major courses in which I got an F (incompletes) to bring up the cumulative, or would it be a better use of time to focus on psych courses (which is what I'd rather do)? I'm just planning my courses, and trying to figure out which approach would be most useful.


If I retook a couple of those Fs and got only As from here on out in all courses, the highest overall GPA I could achieve is 77% (with 90% for my last 2 years/major GPA). If I ignored the Fs and got As in a load of psych courses, my cum would be 72% (same 90% for my last 2/major GPA).


I'm working on building the other aspects of my application -- angling for research & volunteer opportunities, and hope to get decent GRE scores. Will also apply for CIHR funding when the time comes, but am not so optimistic about my chances (since, obviously, they refer to your transcript in their decision-making).


Thanks in advance for your help! 


Also: would greatly appreciate any thoughts re schools in Canada (or even the US or UK) that might give me a second look. In Canada, some of the counselling programs look (on the surface) like they might entertain my application. UBC, York and Ryerson clinical refer to the last 2 years.. the grad program coordinators are all on holiday right now, so haven't been able to ask directly.

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