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Political Science Ph.D. but low Quant. Retake?


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I've seen a lot of these kinds of posts, but after doing some research I'm still very worried and I figured some actual experiential wisdom could help me out. Trying to decide what tier of Political Science Ph.D. program I should apply to with these scores.




167 (97%) Verbal

153 (53%) Quant

5.0 (93%) AW


GPA: 3.8

Two Research Presentations

Two Years as a TA


Thanks so much in advanced!

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Personally, I think your credentials are pretty impressive. If I had those scores I wouldn't be retaking the GRE! 


I would advise looking up the programs you're most interested in, seeing what they list as their past applicants' average scores, and how much they value the GRE. It also couldn't hurt to talk to some professors at your current institution and get some feedback from them. When it comes to applying, I think the general rule of including some "reach" and "safe" schools (as long as you have a genuine interest in the programs) on your list is a solid strategy to ensure that you get accepted somewhere. (Not that it looks like you have much to worry about.)


Good luck!



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