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How many Letters should I send?


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I'm applying to a couple of MA programs that only ask for two letters of recommendation, although the wording makes it seem like they'd accept three. I'm wondering if I should go ahead and send all three or just the two best ones. Thoughts?


On a related note, I come from a small Classics department. I'll have a solid letter from the head of the department, and another one from from a well-respected and slightly famous Religion professor (my research experience straddles the two disciplines). I could get my third letter from our only other Classics PhD, but we've had lousy chemistry and he hasn't seen my best work. The other option would be approaching a prof from history or art history who might write me a more favorable letter. I don't think my second Classics professor will trash me or anything, but do you think it would hurt me to only have one letter from within my discipline?

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Tough one. My knee-jerk responses are: a ) if you think you'll have two great ones and one "meh," send two to the places that ask for two. b ) I would use your History professor, if you know s/he'd give you a better letter and can speak toward your preparedness for graduate school.

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