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Georgetown SSP Spring 2014....FEEDBACK NEEDED


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Hey folks.  New to this so thanks for any and all assistance.  Applying to Georgetown SSP (ONLY program I want) and was wondering how competitive I was.  Wanted your feedback:


27 years old

3 strong LORs

8 years of work experience (managerial experience at pharmacy through undergrad, worked for Governor of Florida, currently work finances at FSU)

Received MPA from FSU (3.68 GPA)

UF undergrad (3.0 GPA)

Publication and conference experience

GRE scores waived per Georgetown policy

Interned at a reputable Florida think tank


I definitely feel my work experience and resume is strong.  Does anyone know the odds of acceptance based on already having a masters?  My undergrad states are very average, but I'm hoping my masters work will balance that. ANY feed back or advice  would be greatly appreciated! 

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Hi There,


I applied to the SSP last Fall, was waitlisted, and I'm applying again for the Spring (and was encouraged to do so, with fee waived). Have you sat in on any of the online chats or been in contact with the Director of Admissions for SSP? She should be able to tell you if she thinks you're competitive (which it sounds like you are). She's helped me quite a bit. 


Unfortunately I can't give you any more advice than that because I haven't actually been accepted myself, but hopefully we'll be classmates in the future!

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