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Need help picking a Masters program


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I need some suggestions regarding what major to pick for higher studies. I'm confused right now and i'm not sure what all am I eligible for so here's my history...

B.tech from DAIICT in IT

Worked for almost 3 years in Mindtree Ltd. in Datawarehousing domain.

I am not at all satisfied with the work I do and I'm planning for higher studies right. I still have to give all the tests and apply for colleges. But before that comes the bigger part.

I need to know all my options.


1) What courses am I eligible for?

2) What courses are good to take and benificial for me?

3) I know that the answers will be vast for all of you for the above questions so i'll ask just one important question, how should i go forward to search for appropriate course? Should I look for any counselling ?


Thanks in advance guys



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Usually you are eligible for a masters program that is within the same field, or a similar field, as your undergraduate degree.


You don't usually have physics majors going into graduate school for psychology, or poetry students going into mathematics.



With a B.Tech, its a bit of an off question to say where do I go from here, as a B.Tech is a career focused degree.  You might be able to go into programs of biotechnology and engineering.  Business schools are also an option as they sometimes have looser requirements, you could also consider law school, although that isn't actually a masters program - it often requires a degree for admittance.


If you wanted something entirely different, that is, say mathematics or psychology, you would most likely need to get a degree in those fields, or at the very least work out an agreement with the university and take some select classes.


McMaster university is somewhat well known for having a more broad application process, and you might want to consider them as a university specific option, here is a relevant article.



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