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Low uGPA, strong otherwise. Care to evaluate my application?


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Please give me any feedback that you can. I welcome all the help I can get!

Undergraduate institution: Top 15, USA
Undergraduate GPA: 2.05 (not a typo)
Undergraduate Major: Molecular Biology & Bioinformatics

Graduate institution: Harvard Extension School
Graduate GPA: 3.8
Graduate major: Biotechnology - Bioengineering and Nanotechnology (master's program)

Years of Work Experience: 5ish

Describe Relevant Work Experience:
- 1y research associate (current) for exciting startup in my field
- 1y research assistant (current) for major research hospital (thesis related).
- 2.5y research associate for high-prestige core lab in my field.
- 8mo research intern, undergraduate
- 3mo contract research assistant, small startup

Publication record:
None as of yet , but should have 2 (based off thesis research) and MAYBE 1 (based off work) by the time I apply. Not sure of impact of journal, etc.
I have been acknowledged in a major PLoS paper, but alas acknowledgements count for nothing. Read as: 0 publications.

1 poster presented at a popular global conference in my field

Will address low uGPA, upward trend, strong experience, and commitment to research.

Plan is to have letters from 1 grad prof (3 classes, all As), my thesis advisor, and a former boss.

Take my GRE Saturday. Will update with results.


Anything that you see that I can add here to attempt to compensate for my uGPA?

My unordered list is below which has been carefully selected from PIs that share my research interests. I know there are some big names on there, but I'm hoping that some are within my range.

Thanks in advance!

  • yale - microbiology (biological and biomedical science)
  • northeastern - biology
  • u conn - molecular and cellular bio: microbiology
  • u new hampshire - genetics
  • u toronto - molecular genetics
  • boston u - molecular biology, cell biology, and biochem (MCBB)
  • harvard - organismal and evolutionary biology OR molecules, cells, and organisms
  • u illinois uc - molecular and cellular biology
  • brown (collab with MBL) - computational molecular biology (igert program - reverse ecology, microbial & comparitive genomics initiative)
  • u mass amherst - molecular and cellular biology
  • u waterloo - biology
  • u georgia - microbiology OR genetics
  • u mass boston - molecular, cellular, and organismal biology
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