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Hi all, I'm currently a fourth year undergrad at a top public university, and am looking for some wisdom. I'm applying to SAIS, Elliott, American, and SFS for Master's programs in Middle Eastern/Arab Studies, not intending to take a gap year.


Majors: Foreign Affairs/Arabic, Minor: History


GPA: 3.55


GRE: Q: 154 V: 158 AW: 3.0


Classes taken are relevant to the programs in consideration

I've spent a number of hours volunteering/tutoring at local hospitals/elementary schools, and spent a week in Arizona volunteering with the Forest Service.


I'm fluent in the Lebanese dialect of Arabic, and an advanced student of MSA. I've been to the Middle East several times for lengthy periods and studied Arabic there for a short time.


I'm president of the Lebanese club at my university and a mentor for incoming Middle Eastern students.


I have one 6-month State Dept internship under my belt but nothing else relevant to my studies.


I should have at least two solid LORs from Arabic professor and politics professor.



Basically wondering how I stack up/looking for advice.



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I think you have a good chance for SAIS, Elliot, and American.

You might wanna study a bit of math and re-take GRE though...

SFS might be difficult because they only accept a few ppl, but its always worth trying.

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