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December 2013 Grad - 2014 MSW Season


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Question for all..I am graduating this December with my BA. I'm currently sitting at just about a 3.1 for my gpa. Would you recommend applying early in September / October like I originally planned or wait until just after December to see if my final semester boosts my gpa at all? Also anyone have any experience applying to Syracuse or Michigan State for their respective MSW programs ? Thanks !

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Honestly, not sure. My feeling is that if the programs you're applying to have rolling admissions, apply early. If not, then you could wait. 


How big of a difference in GPA are you expecting? If it's not too much of a difference and you have everything ready to apply, I say take the plunge. I think that if you have strong experience and LOR, that helps your application. 


Anyone else have feedback?

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Thanks for the reply , I wouldn't be expecting a major change but most likely a small one. I would honestly rather just get all of the applications done early rather later. I'm confident in my LOR that will given and as far as experience I have over 2 years in Atlantic City as an EMT. Although many think of that as more physical health I have direct patient contact when mental illness and other human service related issues. Obviously it's different that directly volunteering with a social services agency but my daily contact with the individuals I feel can strengthen my application if only by a little bit.

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