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Advice Needed for an Industrial Engineering Graduate Applying for a PHD


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Hi all,


First of all, I appreciate you are interested in this post.


My background is as follows:


Undergraduate: Top school in Hong Kong (Major: Information Technology and Networking)

Master: Good school in Los Angeles (Major: ISE, Operations Research)


GPA: 3.36 (Undergraduate) / 3.73 (Master)

GRE: 160 (V) / 166 (Q) / 4.0 (Writing)

Career Background: Data analysis + process improvement

Work Ex: Continuous Improvement Intern at a bottling company 

Research Activities: Very weak. Only got directed research exp on simulation. No presentation/paper published. Still got 1 more semester (2013 fall) to finish my master degree - my last shot to get any research experience.


I am not aiming at excellent schools so I would like to apply for "relatively" lower ranking schools such as:


- Auburn

- University of Tennessee

- Penn State

- Ohio State


- University of Texas–​Arlington


What do you think about my chances? Please give me any comment if any.


Thank you so much!

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