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Sending multiple GRE scores....


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When sending your scores, it gives you the option to send one or all scores.  I took the GRE twice and did pretty much the same both times...Not really thrilled about either one, but after consulting with some profs I think that they are good enough for the Social Work programs I am applying to given that I have a lot of other postives(4.0 GPA, Research Exp, LCSW).  With that said, should I send both?  If not, which to send?


#1 V: 151, Q: 156, W: 4.5

#2 V: 152, Q: 156, W: 4.0



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I'm still an undergrad senior. I did a little research on GRE (I have to do it too)


In here, http://testprep.about.com/u/ua/thegretest/GRE_Score_User_Answers.01.htm


The person told that you should send both since the admission will just pick the highest one from each section.


I'm not quite sure about your case though.


Hope that help,

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