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Hello everyone! I have recently made the decision to apply to grad school and I need some advice/suggestions on which schools would be ideal for my situation. I am 25 years old and currently in my Junior year of undergrad. I had to take a few years off due to some financial aid issues (long story) but It actually worked out for the best. I am much more focused and ambitious now than I was right out of high school.


I am majoring in English Lit with a minor in Communications and my dream is to work in editing. I have also developed an interest in writing however, I haven't gotten a ton of experience yet. I will be applying to the senior honors program in the spring and I plan to take the GRE this summer. I have a good relationship with the honors advisor at my school- she actually approached me while I was her student to suggest that I flip-flop my major and minor (which I did) because she thought I had strong writing skills.


I am from the midwest and I go to a fairly small university in Ohio. I am desperate to move away from home and I would love to live in a big city- Chicago is definitely my ideal location but I am open to almost anywhere. My boyfriend and I have been dating for almost nine years and while we can handle long distance if necessary, we would prefer to stay in the same city. He graduated from law school a little over a year ago and would be able to work in Chicago, Ohio or Michigan without having to retake the bar exam. If I was given a good opportunity elsewhere we would make it work, he is very supportive. I have no interest in teaching as a career and while researching schools it seems as though many grad programs are geared towards teaching. I would be open to a TA position or something while in school to gain the experience or funding. 


Please please please help me weed out which schools would be the best fit for me! Thanks for your help!

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